Friday, 27 July 2018

Our Immersion Assembly

Walt: Using exciting language.
Immersion Assembly - Plan

When people read this story they should feel interested and excited.

Vocab to help my recount:
Movement, Fitness, Hydration, Jump-Jam, Beyonce, Hip-Hop, Energetic, Active, Dancing, Movies, Miss Heger, Mrs Sio, Whaia Francis, Hyper, Healthy, Nutrition, Exercise, Walking.

Plan of my paragraph topics
1. Introduction
3 sentences
Orientates and hooks
Makes the reader want to keep reading
2. Body Paragraph 1
3-4 sentences
What is the school theme about?
3. Body Paragraph 2
3-4 sentences
What is Teams 4 topic about?
What was the team 4 movie like?
4. Body Paragraph 3
3-4 sentences
What do you want to/ hope to learn about?
5. Conclusion
2-3 sentences
What I think about the new term theme overall

Start Writing here

On july 23rd 2018, everybody has came back for the first day of term 3. Room 6,7 and 8 walked to the hall for our welcome back, but then we all the whole school saw Mr Somerville and Mr Jacobson dancing on the stage.A minute later we all saw queen bee, (Mr Burt our principal) then they all started dancing together.

Our topic for this term was “Move ya’ body”. When we watched team 1’s,one they were talking about how much sleep we should get it was funny because I never knew that Mrs Dwyer played on ps4 or something like that??.Then Mrs Sadler was doing great she had some tea or coffee and had a nice nap.

Well when we watched all the other teams,Team 4 was learning about being active, while exercising and make fitness fun.The team four’s movie was like making fitness fun by putting a bit more imagination into it.They made up a game that that will be fitness i think??.
I would like to/hope to learn about this term, is art i really like to draw something or maybe a picture.I would like to do art because we could draw our imagination to show people.I would also like to go outside a bit more often since we are learning about “Move ya’ body”.

I really like the topic “Move ya’ body”.it help the people that wants to lose weight even the teachers could join in to.Sense it is winter we could do some sports or jump jam when we are cold or lazy??.

Task description: Pt England school has came back from the holidays for term 3.Our new topic is (Move ya' body) Our team (Team 4) has created some game that will keep us active.

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