Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Athletics Day

On Friday we had Athletics day But first we had to line up in groups and we need to put our colour and our year on our hand when we were there we were doing tug of war but first we had to listen to our instructor.

The Next one was high jump and Mrs King was teaching us but we have to listen to her and she told us to jump over the pole and if the pole fell down we have to go too Mrs Davis and do easy ones with her.

Our third one was sprinting. We have see who is the fastest and we have to line up and you will get a number so you know which line and if you come first,second or third, fourth you will be in the finals and if you didn’t come first,second or third, fourth you will not be in the finals.

Our fourth one is disks you have to try and throw the disk as hard as you can but if you throw it out of the line you will have to try again and you are not allowed to throw the disk at someone.

And the fifth sport was wheelbarrow you have to get a buddy and you have to go on the floor and put your hands on the ground and then you move your hands like you're walking  and your buddy has to hold on to his buddy's legs and start walking.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Maniakalani Film festival

On Wednesday me and the whole school went to Sylvia park because we were going to watch movies for the Maniakalani Film festival but first we went on the bus to go there it was fun on the bus. Then we have to wait patiently so we could go in. Then it was time for us to go and watch all of our movies and then we heard some people cheering for them. And when it was finished my favourite one was go for gold. It was amazing because we had 3 movies because we have 3 teachers and they are Mr Moran,Mrs King and Mrs Davis and they are one of my favourite teachers.

Thursday, 10 November 2016


Station two

1. A can of beans
2. dominoes
3.A jar